Flowering sub-tropical trees,shrubs and plants to be seen at Buenavista 
throughout the seasons  
January's Mimosa 
Spring Cyclamens under the palms 
May Tree Paeoni and Lantana 
April/May Flowering Cactus 
Hoya - at its most sublime in July 
Oleanders and Agapanthus 
Passion Flowers 
Bugnonias climb over the arbour 
Autumn/Winter succulents 
Mytifolia blooms again in the Autumn 
Jan/Feb Almond blossom in the olive groves 
March Vibernum Opulus and flowering Sage 
March/April Wisteria 
April Cytisus, Mytifolia, Aloe Vera 
Summer Oleanders 
A summer Lilly 
Double flowers of the much perfumed tree,Datura 
Arbutus or Strawberry Tree.... 
Pointsettias bloom Autum/Winter/Spring - 
February's Pear blossom in the orchard 
March Fresias and Iris 
June Bottle Brush tree 
Jacaranda flowers in May 
Pride of Barbados 
A summer corner 
Passion Flower 
Autumn flowers 
.... and one of its "Strawberries"! 
from November through to March