The food at THE CAMPING, just 400 yards down the road Buenavista, had improved since two new English lady cooks took it over, but I understand they have moved on and someone else is now in charge.  It is somewhat lacking in ambiente, but a beer/vino and tapas can be good and there is a lovely terrace on which to sit and enjoy it while looking at the mountain views.  Plus there is a small shop for emergency supplies. 
A few yards further down the road THE ORIALLANA is the next bar on your right.  Truly ethnic, but a decent chap who gives a variety of tapas.  He will also cook simple meats, along with salads or chips, but it is necessary to pop in and order.  If you are anxious about the language problem just let me know and I would be happy to help.   
Further on down, exactly 1km from Buenavista, on your left, is VENTA MARIA.  A taditional family run bar/restaurant, with a good variety of tapas with beer/wine. Friendly and welcoming, serving home cooked fresh food.  Closed Thursdays.  Both the Oriallana and Venta Maria sell the local costa wine — well worth sampling, but not if you are driving! 
Órgiva: at the palace traffic lights, turn right take the main road over the bridge and on your left you come to the very traditional PENSION ALPUJARENA. Outdoor dining is in what can only be described as a wide passageway filled with plants.  The food is simple, but freshly cooked and if you ask for the wine list you can find some amazing bottles at very good prices 
Just lower down the road on your left you come to the JARDIN, or ALMAZARA RESTAURANT which can be quite good.  In summer time you can eat outside under the orange trees.  They do an excellent pizza, plus takeaway pizzas, but they also offer a good menu.  The salad starters are fantastic — share one between two.  During the Summer they will sometimes have music.   
Carrying on down the road to the next traffic lights, turn right and you will find AGUA VIVA.  This is comparatively recent and I have not yet been, but I have heard good reports. They serve a variety of Indian and Thai dishes. 
      Agua Viva: Waitress, Zoe; Owner and chef, Borja; Max, Chef                                                                                                                                      Flor de Limonero Restaurant 
Keeping on down this road there is the HOTEL TARAY'S FLOR DE LIMONERO on your left.  The restaurant here actually has linen tablecloths and  napkins!  There is a set menu, or a la carte both of which are pretty good and the setting is superb.  At lunchtimes mid week they do a menu del dia for 10 Euros and it is excellent  
Further on down, on your left, the other CAMPING is good — particularly for their menu del dia at lunchtime - they also serve excellent tapas and the owner, Jose, runs a good value for money restaurant. 
Up at the top of town where the market is held is LA BARAKA.  This is Moroccah in style and the food is good.  Set menus varying in price, plus a la carte.  The restauant has good ambiente and has a super variety of excellent  home-made deserts.  They don’t serve alcohol, but their fresh fruit drinks, such as freshly squeezed lemonade with mint, are lovely — almost worth doing without alcohol!